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Our business is about technology, but it’s also about operations and customer relationship which we have built from the inception.

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“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”
- Damon Richards

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We are an audit firm. Printing documents, draft reports and coloured final reports is core and a regular part of our day-to-day business. Being a growing firm, we weren’t keen on investing in a costly multipurpose printer. As such, we relied on two separate printers, one for b/w and other for colour printing and a separate document scanner. As can be imagined things were chaotic as keeping stock of ribbons for colour and b/w printers, papers etc was cumbersome.. when we had all consumables, the printer would give away with some technical defect or else my staff used to spend ages for photocopying a chunk of documents or printing a large number of prints at a time. Around this time, I had a chance meeting with Roshan in my office who physically saw us struggling with a report printing then. He introduced us to his document printer solution which we got immediately hooked on to. A high end multipurpose printer was installed which had colur, b/w and scanning abilities. With IOT feature, roshan and his team knows exactly how much consumables (papers, ink etc) have been used by usand make sure of timely replacement. The team at ARC have stood up to the tall claims they had made at the time of entering into an agreement with us and we haven’t faced a single service issue in the last one year that we have been with them. ‎I will have no hesitation in introducing roshan and his team at ARC to anyone who may be looking out for a cost effective printing solution.

ARC is a high quality and reliable printing service. They are efficient, flexible and technically minded. I would recommend them very highly to anyone.

At HTS printing A3 Architectural and detailed drawings were a struggle. But from the time we have sourced ARC print solutions, to be honest though it is bit expensive our lives have become stress free. Quality of prints are the key when it comes to Interior Design business.