Why ARC?

Print less and lower your costs

MPS from ARC is a scalable and monitored print infrastructure, which manages all of your print expenses and components, providing ongoing cost reductions.

Finding the right partner to help you take control of your print environment is crucial. Managed Print Services is about service, not hardware. ARC is unique as an independent consulting organisation focused on helping you print less, not getting you to purchase more hardware. With ARC, you won’t have to make large capital expenditures on printers, copiers, and imaging devices.

ARC is the only company that can capture all of your document management, on-site, off-site and virtually.

MPS from ARC provides consulting expertise, software, hardware, media, supplies, and support. It also eliminates the costly administration and expense of print.

e-arc mps award

ARC was recognised for excellence in Managed Print Services by the Managed Print Services Association with a 2012 Leadership Award

The Benefits of MPS from ARC

Lower and more predictable costs

Costs always remain at a stable level, outlined contractually. Flexible scalability means that as your requirements change, ARC modifies the infrastructure to meet your needs without penalty. This means you can avoid operating expenses and capital expenditures related to your printer fleet as the economy changes.

Better support and increased uptime

Our MPS includes local support and SLAs for cost and performance. We’ll make your employees more efficient by optimizing your print infrastructure.

Access to the best technology

Your print is our business. We invest in advanced print technologies and our experts help our customers gain access to the latest technology.

Focus on what you do best

Our business is helping customers take control of their document infrastructure. Then they can focus on their core business. ARC customers spend less time administering invoices, ordering supplies and making service requests. MPS from ARC makes employees more efficient.