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Construct with CDIM
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Construct with CDIM

Contraction Document Information Management

CDIM from ARC is a suit of cloud - based solutions, reprographics, colour imaging, and consulting services that optimize the management and distribution of your construction document and project information.

Comprehensive suite of software solution



SKYSITE is a file sharing, document distribution, and project collabo....




ishipdocs is a cloud application that allows you to easily distribute…

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PlanWell applications make working with your documents...

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Professional, Customizes and Knowledge based services

BIM Support Services

Outsource or augment your Building Information Modelling capabilities with BIM Support…

Hyperlink Services

Your projects generate thousands of drawings, specification, RFIs, ASIs and more. No project…


Large-format printing and document production for any phase of your construction project…

Colour Imaging

Translate your message into dazzling colour on high-quality materials. ARC can help make your…


Latest hardware solution

Planwell Smart Screen

Planwell Screen is the interactive whiteboard for the construction industry. A rugged large format display with touch screen technology allows your team to review and markup blueprints and drawings on site in job training or in the conference room


Managed Print Services

MPS is powered by ABACUS

According to the analyst firm Gartner, the last great area of uncontrolled cost for companies is print. Research shows that between one and percent of a company’s annual revenue is spent on print and imaging-related activities.


Archiving and Information Management

ARC’s Archiving and Information Management solution not only gives you the power to easily search and manage the intelligence in your documents, but it also provides many others measurable benefits


Drastic cost and time reduction on search, retrieval, print, IT, paper and storage. Increased productivity. Ease of data retrieval.


No more paper chaos. Always accurate and organized. Work sharing and faster collaboration . Work at the speed of digital.


Uninterrupted business. Knowledge retention. No loss of information. Migrate risk of disruptive events or loss of key staff.


Be compliant with document retention and defensible disposal. Reduce legal risk. Facilitate audits. Secure access to import information.


Reduce your environmental footprint. No more paper or physical storage. Improve productivity and stay on top of sustainable requirements.

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State of art Technology Centers

In Fremont, California, USA & Kolkata India

For Extended Support hours and continuous product improvement.


ARC’s creative team have vast experience creating innovative, eye-catching designs. Whether it’s branding, marketing, print design, video animation, or artworking, ARC’s design team will be happy to help with your requirements. Please check out our portfolio to see a selection of our previous projects.

Yes – ARC’s AE studio work with global, national and local clients, providing each with the same high standard of design work.

Our creative studio has vast experience in all areas of design from creation of new visual identities, creating new designs while adhering to strict brand guidelines, through to small and large format print design, environmental graphics and digital graphics. Please get in touch to find out more.

Yes – ARC can help with sourcing high quality images, or even help commission a professional photographer if required.

We are happy to provide an estimate in advance of starting any project work, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Please call us on +971501983007 or email

ARC has flexible options from cost per scan to fixed cost per box.

ARC experienced staff will remove all fixings and staples to allow automatic scanning.

ARC has a full records management solution for box storage to scan on demand.

ARC can index the documents to allow fast retrieval and text searching on key words.

PDF (Portable Document Format) are the most widely used formats for scanned images. ARC scanning solutions can convert your paper records to TIFF, PDF or a variety of other file formats for seamless integration with your document management application or enterprise content management (ECM) system.

ARC can provide an archival document management solution hosted in the UK, allowing you to search and view your documents on your mobile devise or PC or MAC.

ARC has a comprehensive range of services including Rendering, BIM Clash Detection Revit modelling, 3D modelling.

ARC has consultants experienced in BIM to attend site meetings remotely or in person.

ARC is experienced in provide Revit modelling.

ARC can provide 3D Modelling service for architects and engineering companies, but also point of sale items.

ARC has a range of document management collaboration solutions for architectural, engineering and construction.

ARC solution is cross platform allowing PC, MAC, and mobile applications to be used.

ARC can provide redirect using POBOXES to allow post to be redirected to our inbound mail scanning team, for distributed to your email boxes.

ARC can provide a full workflow from allowing the user access to our Click 2 Post software, allowing the user to send files direct to ARC for printing and posting.

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is generally the preferred file format for submitting a document for printing as it works with virtually all professional printing and digital output devices. By design, a PDF file incorporates the information needed to maintain document consistency from system to system. Most other file formats such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Microsoft Word are easily converted to PDF format.

Crop marks help indicate where the product will be cut to its finished size.

Bleed is required to ensure edge-to-edge colour on your final product. Any background colours or images need to expand your final size by 3mm on all sides to allow for any movement on the guillotine.

We print in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). Ensure your colour is set to this as RGB and Pantone artworks will be automatically converted which could slightly affect final print.

Perfect Binding:

Gluing the outside edges of the paper together to create a flat edge then a wrap around cover applied.

Saddle-stitch binding (Fold stitch and trim).

Using staples along the folds of the pages to bind them together. Pages need to be multiples of 4.

Wire binding:

Wires in a spiral form are threated through holes along the binging edge. Allows the document to lay flat when open. (Silver/White/Black all stocked).

Plastic Comb binding:

Similar to Wire binding but using tubular plastic piece which fits through rectangular holes punched into binding edge.

Ring Binders:

Holes are punched into pages and inserted into ring binder.

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