Secure your hard copies…. Digitize now!!

A consequence of a successful business is the endless generation of paper, the filling up of valuable office space and the inevitable task of where best to store it! The problem is that in most instances we have to retain the information held on the paper! So what’s the solution? We store it!

There are many companies providing paper collection and storage services, however all are expensive and records not easily accessible. There is a more efficient solution! Now that a significant amount of scanned data is admissible in court, more and more businesses are turning to scanning their archive of paper.

Document scanning prevents loss, saves on storage costs, manages records easily, retrieves documents quickly, makes images centrally available and information distribution quick and cost free. Documents can be returned on a variety of portable media or uploaded onto propriety or hosted systems.

No matter how large or small your paper archive is, ARC offers a full range of services. These services range from scanning hard copy originals of any size, including microfilm, to data capture and web hosting of your information on our secure cloud solution – SKYSITE.

We offer a free of charge document management audit from one of our experienced document management team, as well as an image sample from your documentation.

At ARC we will take your documents and store then free of charge until the scanning process is complete.

We can scan large format plans and drawings up to A0 by any length. With our high quality production scanners, delicate older drawings, mylar and vellum are our speciality.

Onsite document scanning

ARC provides a convenient onsite scanning service backed by 30 years of industry experience covering the entire Middle East. Onsite scanning ensures documents remain secure and easily accessible as they never leave your premises.

Content Management

ARC can delivery data capture directly in to new or existing SharePoint, FileNet IBM, ECM which delivers high value solutions that can help companies transform the way you do business by enabling you to put content in motion: activating, socialising, analysing and governing it throughout the entire lifecycle of your document archives.

Cloud EDMS

Many organisations are turning to the cloud looking for increased collaboration. ARC offers SKYSITE.

Slide and negative conversion

ARC specialises in converting all of your photos, slides and negatives into high quality digital images. With over 30 years’ experience in film production and conversion services.

Slide and negative conversion
Slide and negative conversion
Slide negative conversion