Archiving and Information Management

Cutting edge document management solutions

Work at the speed of digital. Convert your paper and digital data into information and your information into business knowledge. Most companies have data hidden away in warehouses, cabinets, network shares, and desktops that represents thousands of hours of work and valuable information. Instead of sitting unmanaged in storage or on employee computers, this intellectual property could be used to reduce costs, increase productivity, reduce risk and improve efficiency.

ARC’s Archiving and Information Management solution not only gives you the power to easily search and manage the intelligence in your documents, but it also provides many other measurable benefits:


Drastic cost and time reduction on search, retrieval, print, IT, paper and storage. Increased productivity. Ease of data retrieval.


No more paper chaos. Always accurate and organized. Easy sharing and faster collaboration. Work at the speed of digital.


Uninterrupted business. Knowledge retention. No loss of information. Mitigate risk of disruptive events or loss of key staff.


Be compliant with document retention and defensible disposal. Reduce legal risk. Facilitate audits. Secure access to important information.


Reduce your environmental footprint. No more paper or physical storage. Improve productivity and stay on top of sustainable requirements.


Lower your environmental footprint. Optimized printer fleets, modern equipment, and new user behavior dramatically

Isn’t it time you took control of your documents and information?

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of revenue is spent on document storage and inefficiencies of accessing and sharing information

With Effective Information Management Solutions, businesses can:

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ARC's Business Process Automation (BPA) practice provides you with advanced data capture and workflows that improve a number of business processes, essentially giving your multi-function printers a brain.

Smart automation helps remove paper-based information and manual operations from your day-to-day work, letting you focus on strategic activities.

BPA By The Numbers


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