Artwork and Typesetting

Artwork support and policing your brand

ARC’s in-house design and artwork studio’s in London and Leeds design documents and police the brands for some of the largest organisations in the world. Projects range from the design of entire brands and marketing campaigns to the more simple provisions of artwork support services where clients place their trust in ARC to produce and deliver whatever type of brand application requirement they have.

Policing your Brand

When there are so many individuals within a large organisation responsible for purchasing design and print, there is often the risk that not all are completely brand aware. For example, whilst marketing teams are passionate and are custodians of the brand, other departments such as procurement and IT etc are not. To resolve this issue, in initial discussions with ARC, samples from a wide range of branded products can be gathered, and each item assessed for brand compliance. This will include the use of logos, fonts and colours. Any variance from the corporate standard will be reported along with suitable recommendations for more effective control in the future.

Extent of the supply base

Where numerous suppliers are providing print without the proper controls there will be a variance in the way the items are reproduced. Whilst everyone will look to reproduce logos faithfully, use the correct fonts, colours, etc. there will always be potential for variation through interpretation. Materials and substrates will vary which will also impact upon the way that the organisations brand is represented. This can be exacerbated by the fact that suppliers are rarely managed centrally, often different departments within the business manage them independently.

Using ARC for all your artwork and typesetting requirements provides a central brand control point for all your departments, allowing fully brand compliant work to be produced every time. Also, all artwork submitted to ARC for print will receive the same ‘pre-flight’ check for brand compliance and that it is fit for purpose.