Document scanning and Its Benefits

ARC Document Solutions| November 22, 2022

Are you finding it difficult to look out for specific information in the piles of documents? Well, this is a common situation faced by most businesses. In fact, the situation becomes worse when a business starts expanding its wings in various spheres and locations. Paper document scanning is something that helps you in managing huge amounts of invoices, documents, tax documents, personnel records, and other stuff.


In today’s age, many companies have understood the importance and the need to digitize their hard-copy documents. Paper in its raw form, stored away in a cabinet of file folders in a basement, does not help companies improve efficiency and productivity. Imagine the time to look for an invoice from 3 years ago in a mountain full of files and paper.

I have listed below a few benefits of scanning hard copies and making them available in digital form, for the reader to think about their own strategy to document scanning and retention.

Benefits of  Document Scanning

Keeping documents safe from harm is a primary need of the day. Scanning documents is the safest way to secure the health of your documents. Not to mention, it keeps each document organized and compliant as well.


Need to free up storage space, and reduce long-term outsourced storage costs? 28% of clients consider the accessibility of records to employees across their business to be poor. Scanning documents helps in freeing up storage space so that you can manage your business infrastructure smoothly without facing any hindrances.


Are your records conforming to retention policies? 39% of businesses have been criticized for poor records management and retention policies that are not in place. Document scanning ensures better records management by indexing them safely in a safe cloud drive making them accessible at any time and anywhere.


Are your company’s intellectual assets backed up, protected, and stored within a security-proof archival system? If not, then you can avail one of the best security solutions in the form of document scanning. It ensures that all your information right from employee and client records, financial records, and pricing of projects are kept safe in a cloud drive and away from the prying eyes of any intruder.


Are your records protected from fire, flood, and natural disaster? 1000s of boxes have been lost in traditional boxes of storage companies. But now it is possible to avoid such a situation by availing document scanning service, you can prevent the loss of documents as all scanned documents are indexed in safe cloud storage protecting them from getting lost and damaged from any unforeseen situation.


An effective Information Management Solution reduces costs and increases productivity by up to 33%.


Improve your workflow productivity through the speed of access to data online. 80% of employees waste an average of ½ hour per day retrieving information, while 60% are spending +1 hour duplicating the work of others.

Consider the above in your document digitization strategies and lead your organization to collaborate better, manage documents efficiently and increase productivity. An Intelligent document is far more helpful than a piece of paper lying in a file folder. 

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