Environmental Responsibility

Hugging as many trees as we can

At ARC we have undertaken a ‘Green Plan’ aimed towards making our organisation and our industry as sustainable and environmentally forward thinking as possible. From small acorns, grow strong tall oaks.

At ARC, we are fully aware of the impact the print industry has on the environment and therefore we take great care to conduct our business in a completely ethical manner. Our intention has been to lead and set the ISO 14001 standard by which all companies in our industry are judged.

We see it as an opportunity to create an environment that drives change on a global scale. We place emphasis on our efforts in the areas in which we can have the greatest impact and generate the most value. For example, by using our regional fulfilment solutions in over 200 locations worldwide it makes it possible for us to print close to your project’s final destination, cutting down carbon emissions created by shipping.

At ARC we are constantly striving to incorporate sustainable ideas and placing these ideas into our everyday services and products. We help empower our employees to become ‘Green Champions’ to think about the impact they are having on the planet and be more resource efficient. The objective is to significantly improve our organisation’s environmental footprint by changing our processes across our entire business. We strive to improve every day and we understand this is a continuing journey. We also offer ground breaking sustainable technology solutions to our customers.