Critical Building Information at
Your Fingertips

Current As-Builts,Shut-Offs, O&Ms, Emergency Information and more-anytime,
any where and on any device

A smarter way to manage you building information

ARC Facilities provides you a hassle-free way to centralize and access you build’s critical information.A mobile friendly dashboard with customize navigation get you to your O&M, drawings and warranties in second, not minutes or hours.

find documents

Eliminate the need to search through 100’s of pages of documents or unintuitive software.


Your facility’s dashboard navigation is custom built around your building’s layout and information.

Centralized building

All your building’s information is unified and made accessible from any mobile, tablet, or desktop device.

Instant Access to critical facilities information

Improve productivity and communication with any where,any time access to every plan, manual, warranty and record

All your facility’s documents instantly

Never go back to the dungeon

Strong Search Capability

Strong Search Capability

Why facilities professionals choose ARC

Get back your time (& money)

Did you know an average facility’s employee spends 1 to 2 hours a day searching for information? That time adds up quick. Get that time and money back with instantaneous search capabilities that help you make repairs faster and increase productivity while improving service.

Ensure your team always works from the latest as-builts

Centralizing your building’s information means everyone works from the current as-builts, reducing confusion and strengthening communication among your team.

Happier customers and owners

Faster search means faster response times and service, strengthening your business relations.

ARC Facilities has an advanced search engine in the cloud ..I’ve had
employees call me up to say,”Jhon , I just want to know,wow, this thing
just saved me tones of time.”

Jhon Montenero

Chief Procurement Officer

City of Palo Alto

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